Music Recording

We have produced a huge amount of EP and album recordings for musical acts spanning many genres. We never favour one style of music over another and always give every client as much attention as the next. See below for some examples of some music we have recorded in recent times.

Voice Over

Here at Displace Studios we have a professional grade isolation booth along with an extensive array of industry standard microphones and outboard equipment ideal for voice over recording of any vocal style. Below is a prime example of the kind of quality you can expect from us when you choose to record here. If you would like to see more examples of our voice over work click here.

Sound Design

We have provided sound design for many projects here at Displace, but none more extensive than the horror radio play Down Below The Reservoir of which we produced all audio aspects for each episode, including Voice, Foley(SFX), and Theme song. This was a 1 season show from writer Graham Tugwell and included voice acting from acclaimed writers Dave Rudden(Knights of the Borrowed Dark) and Sarah Maria Griffin(Spare and Found Parts). Click here to listen to some of the full episodes and listen below to a trailer for the podcast.


Here is an example of interview based podcast ‘Fellow Passengers’. This is an ongoing weekly podcast that we have been producing for over a year and is a prime example of the high quality standard we achieve in this format.