Below is a selection of videos from our Live@Displace video series.

Live@Displace was an idea we formulated in early 2017. We wanted it to be a platform for us to showcase some of our favourite acts on the domestic scene. So we sat down, compiled a list of artists we wanted to be involved and set to work. Since then we have had a wide variety of acts grace our studio and we continue to challenge ourselves with bigger and better productions.


We were approached by Dublin based indie folk duo ‘Djouce’ to record a set of four videos culminating in a EP. They wanted to do something slightly different with their releases, so instead of the generic route of recording an EP and then filming music videos, they decided they wanted to do both at the same time. The idea spawned this currently ongoing project, of which two out of four videos have been filmed and released. Their music is generally quite reflective on nature and feels right at home in these non-studio enviroments.


Brian Whittington was a very early client of ours when we filmed a set of videos for him to use as promotional material for an up coming gig. Since then we have worked on many recording projects with Brian both audio and visual. Below are two more recent videos we shot for him with another to be released in the next few months.